FAQ - Virtual Tour of Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Home Builders Association of the Fox Cities Virtual Tour of Homes?
An online, interactive event where you can virtually tour locally built new-construction and remodeled homes from  your smart phone, iPad, computer, smart TV, etc. 

How do I attend/virtually tour the homes in the event?
Since this event is virtual, all you need is access to the Internet. Click into any of the home detail pages to see a photo of the exterior, read the home description and more. When you’re ready, click the “View Virtual Tour” button. Then, to virtually “walk” through the homes, click/tap the circles on the floor of the space to move you around. Want to take a look around from any given spot? Just use your mouse/finger to get a 360 view of any spot in the home. Want to see the 3D view of the entire home? Click on the 3D floor plan icon in the left corner of the screen to see the home in “dollhouse” view. Just interested in seeing the layout of the floor plan? You can do that too – just click in the 2D floor plan icon in the left-hand corner.

Do I need a ticket?
No ticket is needed. Homes are available to view on foxcitiesparadeofhomes.com 24/7 free of charge for you to explore. 

When and how long will the homes be available to view?
Starting June 10, 2019 the homes will be available to view for 12-months. On June 10, 2020 new properties will be featured.

I have a specific question about one of the homes featured, who do I ask?
Some of the Virtual Tour of Homes feature “tour tags”, small blue dots located throughout the home that give further explanation on certain products and features; simply click on them to learn more about that specific feature. 

I have a question about something that is not tagged, now what? 
We welcome you to reach out to the builder if you have serious inquiries on specific products and features. You can find contact information for each builder on the right-hand side of the home detail page.

Where are the homes featured in the Virtual Tour located?
Homes are located throughout northeast Wisconsin. Homes that are currently for sale will have a visible address; if you are interested in learning more about the home or would like an in-person tour of a home listed for sale, please contact the builder of that project. You can find contact information for each entry on the right-hand side of the home detail page. 

How can my home be featured?
To feature a home/remodel project contact Director of Marketing & Business Development Megan Schlimm at 920-731-7931.

How can I learn more about the builders featured in the Tour?
Each entry has its own home detail page that also features a “Meet the Builder” section. Also, you will find contact information, including a link to that builder’s website, for each entry on the right-hand side of the home detail page.

I still have a question or interested in our virtual tour services?
Contact Director of Marketing & Business Development Megan Schlimm at megan.schlimm@hbafoxcities.com or 920-731-7931.